Name's Danny. Just Danny. I live in Beacon Hills, I like lacrosse, and recently all my friends are acting a little strange.

*This is an RP blog devoted to Danny from Teen Wolf*





What’s your favorite rainy day activity?

Ah, the cure for all that ails - video games and scifi. Yes, plan made. Now the question is Aliens and then Uncharted 3 or Uncharted 3 and then Aliens? Hm.

Well, I have all the Alien movies, including a really high quality bootleg of Prometheus, if you want to come over.  I’ll even let you cuddle with the DVD cases if you want.

You have spoken the language of my people, sir. I shall come bearing gifts of Reese’s and pop chips in exchange for explosions and cuddles.

It’s a deal.  But if we’re going to marathon, you may as well plan on crashing here, too.

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